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        For those who do not know me (or know me well), I am quite a prolific author, despite only having one novel published.  I've been working to get novel #2 (I have six more completed, ready-to-publish novels) published, but have met with some resistance over a citation at the beginning of the book which has put me in negotiation with one of the film studios for proper quote and the length of the quote I may use.  Yes, it's truly fun.

        Because I've been asked at several public appearances about my next work, I've decided to continue the fight on one front but release a short story collection to tide over readers until that book is released.  Because of the amazing support of my readers, I want to create a short story collection that they will enjoy and look forward to purchasing, which is why I want them to have a part in deciding the content of the book!

        The short story collection, tentatively titled, "Rebellion Against The Publishing Elite: 20 Short Stories From A Writer Of Long Lines" will be released just as soon as its content is decided!  Here's the rub: I have approximately fifty short stories I have written following the first short story collection I assembled (but did not publish) when I was younger.  Of those, ten are too personal to publish or were written for other works, ten are wonderful and I'm looking forward to sharing them and thirty have been pretty consistently rejected by magazine publishers . . .

        . . . Which is where the readers come in!  I am looking for 100 readers to read those thirty short stories (ideally between now and the end of the year) and vote for their favorite ten.  The top ten vote-getters will be in the collection!  So, the question is, do you love to read?

How To Participate

        To participate in the reader's survey is simple.  Simply click here: which will allow you to e-mail the list I am creating special for the readers.  Once you express interest in being a reader for this project, you will be asked to provide the following information and agree to the following:

        1. Readers in the project agree to read all thirty short stories before submitting their ballot,
        2. Readers in the project need not supply any information save age, gender and an e-mail address to send story links to.  Readers will receive links to the new short stories in the project as soon as they go live,
        3. Readers in the project understand that they are reading copywritten material that may not be copied, printed, forwarded, altered or shared with anyone.  All writings are the intellectual property of W.L. Swarts and use for anything other than this project is considered a violation of copyright laws and will be subject to prosecution,
        4. Readers in the project are welcome to recruit other readers to the project, but may only do so by linking directly to THIS page (i.e. readers in the project MAY NOT forward links to specific stories to non-project readers!),
        and 5. Participating in the project is in no way a commitment to purchase or read the final product, nor does it entitle the reader to free or discounted copies upon publication.

        The short stories in this project are intended for adults and W.L. Swarts is not responsible for participants under 18 reading the materials, though we will allow few, if any, younger readers in as we're looking for demographic information about who this crazy author appeals to!

        So, if you're into reading short stories heavy in dialogue, click here: to work for this project!  We would love to have you!

        NOTE: This new e-mail address will be largely automated and you will be added to a mailing list once you agree to the terms of the project.  Once that happens, you will receive periodic e-mails when new short stories are posted into the project.  Our hope is that all thirty short stories will be online by November 15, 2007 and that all one hundred readers will have read them by December 31, 2007.

        Thanks for reading and we look forward to you reading the stories!

        W.L. Swarts
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