Star Trek Insurrection Okudagram Set Of 9 Cards!

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This is the "Star Trek Insurrection" Okudagram card set of nine cards from the "Star Trek: Insurrection" trading cards produced by SkyBox!  These cards featured images of the panels and displays featured in "Star Trek Insurrection" and were based on interviews with the prop designer Michael Okuda!  Mint!  These cards are oversized, for a widevision movie screen effect!   Okudagram cards were found one in every six packs, so it took a couple boxes to complete a set!


This set of nine includes the cards:

OK-1  Son'a Tactical Display 
OK-2  Son'a Tactical Table 
OK-3  Son'a Bridge
OK-4  Son'a Ship's Systems Display 
OK-5  Son'a Body Enhancement Display
OK-6  Son'a Body Enhancement Equipment
OK-7  U.S.S. Enterprise-E Bridge Display
OK-8  U.S.S. Enterprise-E Library Display
OK-9  U.S.S. Enterprise-E Padd Displays



For more information on the set of trading cards that this set is associated with, please read my review of the set at: !




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