TOS Archives And Inscriptions Laser Cut Villains Expansion Card Set - 18 chase cards!

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This is the 18 card Laser Cut Villains chase card set from the 2020 Star Trek: The Original Series Archives And Inscriptions trading card set produced by Rittenhouse Archives. This chase card set continues the chase set that was begun in the "Star Trek: Inflexions" premium card set at the end of 2019! The Laser Cut Villains chase cards were found ONLY via a redemption card offer and that redemption card was found every OTHER CASE!

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This set includes cards:

L25 The Keeper from The Cage

L26 Harry Mudd from Mudd's Women/I, Mudd

L27 Romulan Commander from Balance of Terror

L28 Charlie Evans from Charlie X

L29 Roger Korby from What Are Little Girls Made Of?

L30 Tristan Adams from Dagger of the Mind

L31 Finnegan from Shore Leave

L32 Trelane from The Squire of Gothos

L33 Gorn Captain from Arena

L34 Sylvia from Catspaw

L35 Kras from Friday's Child

L36 Apollo from Who Mourns for Adonais?

L37 Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident

L38 Parmen from Plato's Stepchildren

L39 Bele from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

L40 Garth from Whom Gods Destroy

L41 Dr. Sevrin from The Way to Eden

L42 Dr. Janice Lester from Turnabout Intruder

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