Star Wars Cloud City Master Set PLUS All 192 Cards!

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This is the complete 192 card set of Star Wars Cloud City gaming cards produced by Decipher, Inc!  Mint!  This was the fifth set, plus the enhanced premium cards, which continued the popular game with all sorts of Bespin scenarios and characters! This set includes all 12 enhanced Cloud City premium, 50 common, 50 uncommon and 80 rare cards!


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For more information on this set of gaming cards, please read my review at:Star Wars Cloud City CCG Set Review!


This master set of cards includes one each of the following:

Cloud City Card List – Dark Side

 Captain Han Solo  R
 Cloud City Technician  C
 Cloud City Trooper  C
 Kebyc  U
 Lando Calrissian  R
 Lobot  R
 Princess Leia  R
 Tibanna Gas Miner  C
 Treva Horme  U
 Trooper Utris M'toc  U
 Wiorkettle  U
 Bionic Hand  R
 Cyborg Construct  U
 Lando's Wrist Comlink  U
 Access Denied  C
 Advantage  R
 All My Urchins  R
 Beldon's Eye  R
 Chasm  U
 Civil Disorder  C
 Crack Shot  U
 Dismantle On Sight  R
 Frozen Assets  R
 Haven  R
 Hero Of A Thousand Devices  U
 Hindsight  R
 Hopping Mad  R
 Leia Of Alderaan  R
 Uncontrollable Fury  R
 Weather Vane  U
 Ambush  R
 Armed And Dangerous  U
 Artoo, Come Back At Once!  R
 As Good As Gone  C
 Blaster Proficiency  C
 Captive Fury  U
 Captive Pursuit  C
 Clash Of Sabers  U
 Cloud City Sabacc  U
 Computer Interface  C
 Courage Of A Skywalker  R
 Dark Approach  R
 Dash  R
 Desperate Reach  U
 Dodge  C
 Fall Of The Empire  U
 Fall Of The Legend  U
 Gambler's Luck  R
 Glancing Blow  R
 Higher Ground  R
 I Don't Need Their Scum, Either  R
 Impressive, Most Impressive  R
 Innocent Scoundrel  U
 Into The Ventilation Shaft, Lefty  R
 It's A Trap!  U
 Keep Your Eyes Open  C
 Lift Tube Escape  C
 Off The Edge  R
 Old Pirates  R
 Out Of Somewhere  U
 Path Of Least Resistance  C
 Protector  R
 Punch It!  R
 Put That Down  C
 Rendezvous Point On Tatooine  R
 Rescue In The Clouds  C
 Shocking Information  C
 Smoke Screen  R
 Somersault  C
 Surreptitious Glance  R
 Swing-And-A-Miss  U
 This Is Even Better  R
 We'll Find Han  R
 Wookiee Strangle  R
 Bespin  U
 Bespin: Cloud City  U
 Cloud City: Carbonite Chamber  U
 Cloud City: Chasm Walkway  C
 Cloud City: Guest Quarters  R
 Cloud City: Incinerator  C
 Cloud City: Lower Corridor  U
 Cloud City: Platform 327 (Docking Bay)  C
 Cloud City: Upper Plaza Corridor  C
 Clouds  C
 Bright Hope  R
 Redemption  R
 Cloud Car  C
 Cloud City Blaster  C
 Luke's Blaster Pistol  R

Dark Side -   CHARACTER  
 Boba Fett  R
 Captain Bewil  R
 Chief Retwin  R
 Cloud City Engineer  C
 Cloud City Trooper  C
 Commander Desanne  U
 E-3PO  R
 Imperial Trooper Guard Dainsom  U
 Lando Calrissian  R
 Lieutenant Cecius  U
 Lieutenant Sheckil  R
 Tibanna Gas Miner  C
 Trooper Jerrol Blendin  U
 Ugloste  R
 Ugnaught  C
 Binders  C
 Carbonite Chamber Console  U
 Interrogation Array  R
 Mandalorian Armor  R
 Ability, Ability, Ability  C
 Abyss  U
 All Too Easy  R
 Bounty  C
 Carbon-Freezing  U
 Dark Deal  R
 Despair  R
 Forced Landing  R
 I Am Your Father  R
 I Had No Choice  R
 Imperial Decree  U
 Mostly Armless  R
 Restricted Access  C
 Special Delivery  C
 The Emperor's Prize  R
 Vader's Bounty  R
 Vader's Cape  R
 Weather Vane  U
 We're The Bait  R
 Epic Duel  R
 Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg!  R
 Atmospheric Assault  R
 Blasted Droid  C
 Brief Loss Of Control  R
 Cloud City Sabacc  U
 Dark Strike  C
 Double Back  U
 Double-Crossing, No-Good Swindler  C
 E Chu Ta  C
 End This Destructive Conflict  R
 Flight Escort  R
 Focused Attack  R
 Force Field  R
 Heart Of The Chasm  U
 He's All Yours, Bounty Hunter  R
 Human Shield  C
 Levitation Attack  U
 Point Man  R
 Prepare The Chamber  U
 Projective Telepathy  U
 Release Your Anger  R
 Rite Of Passage  C
 Shattered Hope  U
 Shocking Revelation  C
 Slip Sliding Away  R
 Sonic Bombardment  U
 Surprise  R
 This Is Still Wrong  R
 TIE Sentry Ships  C
 Trooper Assault  C
 Weapon Levitation  U
 Weapon Of An Ungrateful Son  U
 Why Didn't You Tell Me?  R
 You Are Beaten  U
 Bespin  U
 Bespin: Cloud City  U
 Cloud City: Carbonite Chamber  U
 Cloud City: Chasm Walkway  C
 Cloud City: Dining Room  R
 Cloud City: East Platform (Docking Bay)  C
 Cloud City: Incinerator  C
 Cloud City: Lower Corridor  U
 Cloud City: Security Tower  C
 Cloud City: Upper Plaza Corridor  U
 Clouds  C
 Obsidian 7  R
 Obsidian 8  R
 Slave I  R
 Cloud Car  C
 Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle  R
 Cloud City Blaster  C

Enhanced Cloud City Light Side
Chewie With Blaster Rifle  PM
 Lando In Millennium Falcon  PM
 Lando With Blaster Pistol  PM
 Quiet Mining Colony / Independent Operation  PM
 Z-95 Bespin Defense Fighter  PM
Dark Side
  4-LOM With Concussion Rifle  PM
 Any Methods Necessary  PM
 Boba Fett In Slave I  PM
 Crush The Rebellion  PM
 Dengar In Punishing One  PM
 IG-88 With Riot Gun  PM
 This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time / Pray I Don't Alter It Any Further  PM

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