TOS Archives And Inscriptions TOS Heroes & Villains Expansion Card Set - 18 chase cards!

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This is the 18 card TOS Heroes And Villains Expansion chase card set from the 2020 Star Trek: The Original Series Archives And Inscriptions trading card set produced by Rittenhouse Archives. This chase card continues the 2013 Star Trek: The Original Series Heroes & Villains common set with neglected characters from that set! The TOS Heroes And Villains Expansion chase cards are found two per box and so it takes a whole case to complete a single set!


This chase set includes cards:

101 Eve McHuron from Mudd's Women

102 Lt. Dave Bailey from The Corbomite Maneuver

103 Balok from The Corbomite Maneuver

104 Andrea from What Are Little Girls Made Of?

105 Commodore Jose Mendez from The Menagerie

106 Captain Christopher from Tomorrow Is Yesterday

107 Mea 3 from A Taste of Armageddon

108 Leila Kalomi from This Side of Paradise

109 Elias Sandoval from This Side of Paradise

110 Ayelborne from Errand of Mercy

111 Nancy Hedford from Metamorphosis

112 Eleen from Friday's Child

113 Norman from I. Mudd

114 Nilz Barris from The Trouble With Tribbles

115 Sarek from Journey To Babel

116 Amanda from Journey To Babel

117 Roberta Lincoln from Assignment: Earth

118 Rayna Kapec from Requiem For Methuselah

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