2009 Star Trek The Original Series Portrait Card Set Of 18 Cards!

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Mint!  Straight from the pack to the toploader to you!  This is the 18-card set of Portrait cards from the 2009 "Star Trek" The Original Series set of trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives!  The 2009 Star Trek The Original Series set was, essentially, the "Star Trek" 40th Anniversary Season 3 set, continuing the cards - common and chase - from the prior two TOS sets.  These chase cards had a retro black and white head shot of each character on them and were a nice way to finish the set.


These cards were found only one in every eight packs, making them fairly rare!

 photo tos40ths3ptset1_zpskbdn9fyv.jpg photo tos40ths3ptset2_zpsoymjojcx.jpg

This set includes the cards:

M46 Kara from Spock's Brain

M47 Romulan Commander from The Enterprise Incident

M48 Miramanee from The Paradise Syndrome

M49 Dr. Miranda Jones from Is There In Truth No Beauty?

M50 Kang from Day of the Dove

M51 Natira from For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

M52 Alexander from Plato's Stepchildren

M53 Deela from Wink of an Eye

M54 Gem from The Empath

M55 Garth from Whom Gods Destroy

M56 Bele from Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

M57 Odona from The Mark of Gideon

M58 Losira from That Which Survives

M59 Rayna Kapec from Requiem For Methuselah

M60 Dr. Sevrin from The Way To Eden

M61 Droxine from The Cloudminders

M62 Zarabeth from All Our Yesterdays

M63 Janice Lester from Turnabout Intruder

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