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This is ST Metal a premium repack product exclusively from W.L. Swarts Enterprises!

We are very proud to be entering the repack market with the first of three planned releases (support this and we have two more incredible releases planned and ready to execute!).

What is ST Metal?


ST Metal is a premium repack product, boxes of trading cards collated with a strong theme and concept to give collectors amazing bang for their buck, while still preserving a spirit of adventure that the repack market demands.

What do you get?

EACH box of ST Metal contains:

3 Autograph cards

1 - Metal character (Borg, Robot, Android, cybernetically-enhanced, metal-encased, metal enhanced)
1 - Deceased talent (that's so metal!)
1 - Random "Star Trek" autograph card

1 Metal card

1 card made of metal (OR a collection of metal cards! Some of our boxes have some cool, matching-number metal card lots!!!!)

1 Foil or Foil-Enhanced chase card SET

1 Common Card set

SOME boxes contain additional cards (see below in the "Odds" section!).

Tell me more

Sure! We've seen repack products and we had some cool ideas. So, we decided to do it ourselves. As a company that has been in business since 1999, we have an incredible stock of Star Trek trading cards manufactured from Rittenhouse Archives and SkyBox. We are upping the conventions we are doing this year, even as we work to divest our Trek inventory, and we found a great way to give fans and adventure-seekers a fun time, great bang for their buck and clear some space from our shelves. One of the important distinctions with our product is that we do not devalue common or chase sets. They have value, they are cool... they are included.

What we offer is both high-quality, unparalleled concept and a level of product honesty not seen from our competitors (see below!). Only 100 boxes (8 sealed cases + 4 boxes) of ST Metal are being produced, so each one will be loaded with value and care put into each one (we're a small business, so a lot of work went into these!).

A Note On Quality

Our cards come straight from the pack/manufacturer and all of the single cards in ST Metal have been inspected for quality before being placed into a soft sleeve and toploader and then sealed inside (exceptions for incentive cards that come from companies already sealed!). These are not graded cards!

Similarly, it behooves us to note that some of our chase and common sets were packaged directly from the manufacturer (Star Trek: Enterprise Relationship set, Women Of Star Trek 50th Anniversary common sets come immediately to mind). While we have done our best to insure that they are not bricked products, they remain sealed and the contents are bought "as is." As always, caveat emptor. There are no refunds for ST Metal box/case purchases!

Okay, what's actually in the box?

Unlike our competitors, we're not afraid to get specific! (Pictures below!)

Let's go through the components!

EACH box of ST Metal contains:

3 Autograph cards

1 - Metal character (Borg, Robot, Android, cybernetically-enhanced, metal-encased, metal enhanced)
1 - Deceased talent (that's so metal!)
1 - Random "Star Trek" autograph card

1 Metal card

1 card made of metal (OR a collection of metal cards! Some of our boxes have some cool, matching-number metal card lots!!!!)

1 Foil or Foil-Enhanced chase card SET

1 Common Card set

but what can buyers actually expect?! Glad you asked. Our answer... exactly what we just said, though we strive to make each box balanced and a value... Let's go through those components.

Everyone is excited about autograph cards, of course, so let's go through some highlights...

Metal Character Autograph Cards (1 per box)
Brent Spiner (3 variants, plus a dual autograph with Denise Crosby!)

LeVar Burton

Jeri Ryan

Aron Eisenberg (the picture clearly shows his lieutenant pips... get it? Really? Do you get it or are just just afraid to call us on this?!)

Sean Kenney (4 variants)

Sherry Jackson (3 variants, plus a dual autograph!)

Susanna Thompson

Manu Intiraymi (2 variants)

Jonathan Del Arco

Sara Mitich

Fionnula Flannagan

Scott Strozier

Joseph Gatt

Jonathan Breck

Michael Riley Burke

Jeremy Fitzgerald (yeah, we get that this one was a little bit of a stretch, but the 2 in the 100-box run... we're pretty sure whomever gets those boxes will still be happy!)

Richard Gilbert-Hill

Leonard John Crofoot

Jade Ramsey

Louise Sorel

Harry Basch

Metal card is exactly what it sounds like. One per box, there is a metal card, made of actual metal. Many are serial-numbered, some were originally case-hits, some are casetoppers, at least one was a binder exclusive. One per box of ST Metal is a metal card from a previous release. But wait! There's more! Some boxes have more than one metal card. If you've checked out our store, you know we're a sucker for matching serial numbers. Once we make a matching number set, we don't like to break it up. That remained true for our premium repack product! As such, some boxes have more than a single metal card in them. They would have multiple metal cards with matching serial numbers. One box has 10 Star Trek Beyond metal cards with matching serial numbers! How cool is that?! Count on only getting a single metal card per box, but some will have more.

Take a look at what we think are the top ten hits in this tier:


Chase Card Set - "This premise is getting a little sweaty..." "This whole premise is sweaty!" ("Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" - if you haven't, give it a listen on Spotify!) - One per box, there is a chase card set. In fitting with the ST Metal theme, all of the chase sets have foil. Some have a little, some have a lot. There is a metallic quality to all of the chase sets, even if it is minimal. That said, we are VERY proud to say that many of the chase sets are really cool, high-end chase sets that took multiple CASES to assemble, like highly popular Ships Of The Line chase sets from various sets. Some have fewer foil elements or were more common, but we have some really cool gems of chase card sets in these boxes, including a Dynamic Duos set from the Star Trek Inflexions product!!! Important note: We maintained sets based on the sets in which they were released, so a TNG Portfolio Prints Ships Of The Line set would be just that... either from Series 1 or Series 2, 9 cards...

Common Card Set - This is the least-variable part of the product. Sorry, but hey, it's a cool little bonus. The common card sets in ST Metal are very limited (see the odds below). Each one is either all-foil or has a foil element to it. Sometimes, that's pretty (admittedly) minimal. We're working with what we have and what was produced. So, odds are strong the box contains a Star Trek TOS 50th Anniversary common set (it's a nice set). If you buy multiple boxes, count on getting duplicates of the two most common common sets...

Specific Odds

In the Metal-tier autographs, 1:12 boxes contains a Spiner, Burton, or Ryan autograph trading card (guaranteed 1 per case)!

Aron Eisenberg - 1:33

Sherry Jackson - 1:6.25

Sean Kenney - 1:3.57

Jonathan Del Arco - 1:50

Fionnula Flanagan - 1:20

Leonard John Crofoot - 1:25


In the Deceased talent autographs, 100% of the signers are now dead. Over the 100 boxes, there are several talents and cards that are duplicated, though no more than 2 of any card from deceased talent is present in the 100-box run.
There have been some amazing talents from the "Star Trek" franchise who have, unfortunately, died. There is no collectible more solid in its authentication than the pack-distributed autograph cards. For many, the only opportunity they will have to get autographs from their favorite characters or actors are cards like these. So much great talent from the franchise has died. Some of the best who are included in ST Metal are:


Some of the best, deceased, talent from the "Star Trek" franchise has cards in ST Metal!

In the random autograph cards, each one is different. 100 boxes, 100 different autograph cards! YEA!!!

So you hear that and figure, "That's where they're dumping the nobodies!" Well, take a look at this! Here's what we think are the top ten random autographs included in ST Metal:


Yeah, that's a Bakula! Yeah, that's two different Mulgrews! Is that Alice Eve?! Sure is! A dual autograph card? At least one in the random section! Autographed costume card?! Sure!

Chase Card Set

1:3.33 Ships Of The Line set (various sets)

1:12 Star Trek: Enterprise Archives Series 2 Relationship set (1 per case)

1:10 Star Trek Universe Art (various sets)

1:100 "Mirror, Mirror" Uncut set

1:100 "The City On The Edge Of Forever" Uncut set

What we think the top 10 hits in this category are:


Common Card Set

1:2 Star Trek: TOS 50th Anniversary

1:25 Women Of Star Trek 50th Anniversary/Star Trek 50th Anniversary

1:12 Women Of Star Trek Art & Images

1:3.33 Star Trek Art & Images

1:12 Star Trek InfleXions: StarFleet's Finest

Bonus Materials (Above and beyond what is in each and every box for sure!)

1:12 Juan Ortiz autograph card (subject is something metal!) (Guaranteed 1 per sealed case!)
Check them out (we said we're big on transparency!):

1:12 Color Hand-drawn sketch card (subject is something metal!) (Guaranteed 1 per sealed case!)
(We're very excited about these... take a look! There are some incredible sketches in this product!!!)


1:12 Star Trek: The Original Series Portfolio Prints pencil sketch card (subject is something metal!) (Guaranteed 1 per sealed case!)

Check them out:

1 per sealed case - Additional metal casetopper card/casetopper card set! While this is likely to be a casetopper duplicated in at least one box in the case, it's still a little added something to the case, so... enjoy the added value to the case!

We gladly ship worldwide using the U.S. Postal service.  W.L. Swarts Enterprises is not responsible for loss or damage in transit; please purchase shipping insurance to protect your order against loss/damage in transit.  W.L. Swarts Enterprises prides itself on packing orders well.

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