2020 Marvel Weekly Comic Clash Set Of 72 Cards!

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This is the 2020 Marvel Weekly

Comic Clash chase set from Upper Deck.


The Marvel Weekly product was an ePack exclusive trading card

set that was released one pack a week over thirty-six weeks.


This set was insane to collect, as it required buyers on Upper Deck's ePack

platform to be on the site at exactly the right time every Monday for between

two to four minutes while the product was available for 36 consecutive weeks!

Marvel Weekly packs included only two cards; one base card, one bonus card

and only 249/250 of each Comic Clash chase card were released.


This is, however, a physical set which we have in-hand!


This set includes the most incredible battles between the nine

heroes showcased in the 2020 Marvel Weekly set and their

most impressive adversaries.


This set includes cards:

CC-1 Blackheart

CC-2 Mr. Hyde

CC-3 Scarecrow

CC-4 Lilith

CC-5 Nightmare

CC-6 Scarecrow

CC-7 Deathwatch

CC-8 Zarathos

CC-9 Venom

CC-10 Rhino

CC-11 Sandman

CC-12 Mysterio

CC-13 Carnage

CC-14 Hobgoblin

CC-15 Vulture

CC-16 Jack O'Lantern

CC-17 The Leader

CC-18 Zzzax

CC-19 Wendigo

CC-20 Thaddeus Ross

CC-21 Tyrannus

CC-22 Abomination

CC-23 Absorbing Man

CC-24 Tyrannus

CC-25 Batroc the Leaper

CC-26 Arnim Zola

CC-27 Baron Zemo

CC-28 Red Skull

CC-29 Crossbones

CC-30 Winter Soldier

CC-31 Baron von Strucker

CC-32 M.O.D.O.K.

CC-33 Beetle

CC-34 Bullseye

CC-35 Swordsman

CC-36 Taskmaster

CC-37 Daken

CC-38 Helmut Zemo

CC-39 Trickshot

CC-40 Clown

CC-41 Yellowjacket

CC-42 Ultron

CC-43 Black Ant

CC-44 Whirlwind

CC-45 Egghead

CC-46 Power Broker

CC-47 Darren Cross

CC-48 Taskmaster

CC-49 Brothers Grimm

CC-50 Tigra

CC-51 Werewolf By Night

CC-52 Hobgoblin

CC-53 Venom

CC-54 Green Goblin

CC-55 Morgan Le Fay

CC-56 Master Pandemonium

CC-57 Deathbird

CC-58 Moonstone

CC-59 Ultron

CC-60 Punisher

CC-61 Thanos

CC-62 Rogue

CC-63 Nuclear Man

CC-64 Star

CC-65 Absorbing Man

CC-66 Egghead's Android

CC-67 The Living Eraser

CC-68 Space Phantom

CC-69 The Magician

CC-70 The Wrecker

CC-71 Human Top

CC-72 Attuma


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