W.L. Reviews The Nonfiction Universe


            Looking for a book to learn something new from?  Looking for a philosophy text?  This is a simple listing in alphabetical order by the last name of the author of every nonfiction book I have reviewed!  Enjoy!


A – A Place Among The Stars: The Women Of Star Trek: Voyager


Aperlo, Peter – Watchmen: The Film Companion


Asherman, Allan – The Star Trek Compendium


Aurelius, Marcus - Meditations


B –



C – Carter, Jimmy – Keeping Faith


Codrescu, Andrei – The Muse Is Always Half-Dressed In New Orleans



D – Dillard, J.M. – Where No One Has Gone Before – A History In Pictures


D’Souza, Dinesh – Letters To A Young Conservative


DuBois, W.E.B. – The Souls Of Black Folk


E –

Ebert, Roger – Roger Ebert’s Book Of Film


Ellison, Ralph – Shadow And Act


Engels, Damn It’s Not Coming To Me Right Now and Karl Marx – The Communist Manifesto


Enos, Clay – Watchmen Portraits


F –

Franken, Al – Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair And Balanced Look At The Right


Franklin, Benjamin – The Autobiography And Other Writings


G – Gibbons, Dave – Watching The Watchmen


H –


I – Ian, Janis – Society’s Child: The Autobiography Of Janis Ian


J –

Jimenez, Phil – The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia


K – Kantor, Michael & Laurence Maslon - Superheroes! Capes, Cowls, And The Creation Of Comic Book Culture


Kidd, Chip – Mythology: The DC Comics Art Of Alex Ross


King Jr., Martin Luther with Claybourne Carson – The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr.


L – Lepore, Jill – The Secret History Of Wonder Woman


Lerner, Harriet – The Dance Of Anger


Lorde, Audre – A Burst Of Light


Lowe, Rob – Stories I Only Tell My Friends


M –

Marx, Karl and Engel – The Communist Manifesto


Maslon, Laurence & Michael Kantor - Superheroes! Capes, Cowls, And The Creation Of Comic Book Culture


Moore, Michael –        Dude, Where’s My Country?

                                    Stupid White Men


Munn, Olivia – Suck It, Wonder Woman! Misadventures Of A Hollywood Geek


N –


O – Okrand, Marc – The Klingon Dictionary


Okuda, Michael and Denise – The Star Trek Encyclopedia


P – Peters, Alec – The Official Star Trek Prop And Costume Auction


Q –


R – Reed, Ralph – Politically Incorrect



S – Salisbury, Mark – Prometheus: The Art Of The Film


Schweizer, Peter – Do As I Say (Not As I Do)

Star Trek 50 Years 50 Artists (Titan Books)


T –


Twain, Mark – Letters From The Earth


U –


V –


W – Waters, John – Role Models


Wilkoff, Dr. Johanna and Deborah Romaine – The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The Kama Sutra


X –


Y –


Z  –




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