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        Hi!  Welcome to my hub!

        My blog site, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe, has essentially come and gone.  I worked for years on a now-defunct review site before striking out on my own as a reviewer.  I have quite the body of work, but I have stopped adding to it.  The truth is, I got tired of just reviewing everything and evaluating other people's stuff.  I wanted to actually just enjoy some experiences, so I stopped reviewing.  The truth is, I STILL have items purchased for review I haven't gotten to experience, all these years later.  But reviewing was a huge part of my life and my body of reviews stands and remains available for the enjoyment of readers.

         I wanted to offer an index service better than what Blogger has.  So, this is a super-organized index to my reviews.  This guide will help those looking for specific reviews of mine find them quickly with little or no trouble!

        Before you begin reading through my many, many reviews, I highly recommend checking out My Reviewing Philosophy.  This article is a brief guide to how I rate things because, frankly, I have standards!  A reviewer with a stiff set of standards is a good thing in my book and having a guide to understand why I am such a harsh grader on products makes the pantheon of my reviews that much more understandable!

        While the pages may flow out from this hub, this remains the key way to find reviews of products I love, loathe and am conflicted about!  Enjoy!

        To find my reviews, check out any of the categories below: