W.L. Reviews The Small Animal Universe

A Tribute To Rowe (February 14? – October 5, 2010)

Now being tested by Daisy!


            In early 2010, right before Easter, my wife picked up the cutest little rabbit ever.  The addition of Rowe to our family has caused me to branch out into reviewing pet care products for small animals.  Unfortunately, Rowe’s life was a very short – but, we hope, happy – one.  Rowe got into a scrap with our cat, Gollum, and in the process of trying to get away from her advances, Gollum bit Rowe’s ear.  Within four days, Rowe’s ear was infected and she was having difficulty breathing.  Three days after their altercation, my wife had to pry open Rowe’s nostrils because a mucus plug had formed and she squeezed out some of the foulest smelling puss from Rowe’s ear I’ve ever smelled.


The next morning, Rowe seemed to be doing better, though she was still having trouble breathing and still not drinking as much as she ought to have.  On Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 1:08 P.M., Rowe fell in her cage as my wife and I watched.  Rowe began to convulse as my wife helped her out of her cage and within a minute, she was dead.  This has made me sadder than I honestly thought I could be for having an animal only about six months (Rowe joined us on March 24th!).  So, this page will be pretty static until my wife and I are ready to buy another small animal and the following products are tributes to the short time we had Rowe.  She is still in our hearts and I hope the products Rowe loved come to be loved by other animals as well and the products she scorned are rightfully avoided by buyers.  Rowe was an exceptionally smart rabbit!


On December 5, 2010 my wife and I picked up a new little girl, Daisy!  I will be continuing to review rabbit products with Daisy’s help now!


Enjoy the reviews.  Read them, buy the appropriate products through the links on the reviews and go spend time with your little critter!


Rabbit Food

Kaytee Fiesta Gourmet Food For Rabbits

LM Animal Farms Classic Pet Rabbit Food

Vita-Vittles Rabbit Food




Carnival Crops Critter Ware Veggie Wedge

LM Timothy Hay

KT Bermuda Grass

Peter’s Nature Treats Apple Slices

Vitakraft Sun Seed Critter Cubes



Penn-Plax Pumice Chews For Small Animals

Super Pet Combo Chews

Super Pet Natural Lava Block Chew Toy

Ware Apple and Carrot Salt Licks

Ware Treat-K-Bob


Rabbit Care


Cozy 'N Fresh Litter For Small Animals

Flat-Bac 16oz. Water Bottle

Lixit Hay Rack

Pets International 8 oz. Water Bottle

Pets International Long John Litter Tray

Ware Manufacturing 30" Chew Proof Rabbit Cage




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