Alternate Universe CCG ALMOST MASTER Set Of 121 Cards!

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Mint set of 121 cards from the Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Edition Alternate Universe expansion, which focused on establishing the alternate universes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" in Star Trek CCG gameplay!  Includes all 40 common, 40 uncommon, and 40 rare cards from the set along with a wrapper!  This is everything EXCEPT the Ultra Rare in one neat and easy package!  Mint and unplayed!


The complete list of cards is as follows:

- R Cryosatellite  Artifact 
- R Data's Head  Artifact 
- R Iconian Gateway  Artifact 
- R Ophidian Cane  Artifact 
- R Receptacle Stones  Artifact 
- R Ressikan Flute  Artifact 
- R Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch  Artifact 
- C Alien Labyrinth  Dilemma 
- U Cardassian Trap  Dilemma 
- R Coalescent Organism  Dilemma 
- C Conundrum  Dilemma 
- U Edo Probe  Dilemma 
- C Empathic Echo  Dilemma 
- C Ferengi Attack  Dilemma 
- U Frame of Mind  Dilemma 
- C Hidden Entrance  Dilemma 
- C Hunter Gangs  Dilemma 
- C Interphasic Plasma Creatures  Dilemma 
- C Malfunctioning Door  Dilemma 
- U Maman Picard  Dilemma 
- C Outpost Raid  Dilemma 
- U Parallel Romance  Dilemma 
- C Punishment Zone  Dilemma 
- U Quantum Singularity Lifeforms  Dilemma 
- U Rascals  Dilemma 
- U Royale Casino: Blackjack  Dilemma 
- C The Gatherers  Dilemma 
- U The Higher... The Fewer  Dilemma 
- C Thought Fire  Dilemma 
- C Worshiper  Dilemma 
- U Zaldan  Dilemma 
- C Alternate Universe Door  Doorway 
- R Devidian Door  Doorway 
- R Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone  Equipment 
- C I.P. Scanner  Equipment 
- C Baryon Buildup  Event 
- U Captain's Log  Event 
- U Engage Shuttle Operations  Event 
- R Interrogation  Event 
- U Intruder Force Field  Event 
- U Klim Dokachin  Event 
- U Lower Decks  Event 
- U Mot's Advice  Event 
- C Particle Scattering Field  Event 
- R Revolving Door  Event 
- C Rishon Uxbridge  Event 
- U The Charybdis  Event 
- C The Mask of Korgano  Event 
- U Thermal Deflectors  Event 
- R Wartime Conditions  Event 
- C Yellow Alert  Event 
- C Neutral Outpost  Facility Neutral
- C Anti-Matter Spread  Interrupt 
- U Barclay's Transporter Phobia  Interrupt 
- U Brain Drain  Interrupt 
- C Countermanda  Interrupt 
- U Dead in Bed  Interrupt 
- C Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow  Interrupt 
- C Devidian Foragers  Interrupt 
- C Eyes in the Dark  Interrupt 
- C Fire Sculptor  Interrupt 
- C Hail  Interrupt 
- C Howard Heirloom Candle  Interrupt 
- C Humuhumunukunukuapua'a  Interrupt 
- U Incoming Message: Attack Authorization  Interrupt 
- U Isabella  Interrupt 
- C Jamaharon  Interrupt 
- C Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence  Interrupt 
- U LaForge Maneuver  Interrupt 
- C Latinum Payoff  Interrupt 
- C Phaser Burns  Interrupt 
- U Rescue Captives  Interrupt 
- U Romulan Ambush  Interrupt 
- C Security Sacrifice  Interrupt 
- R Seize Wesley  Interrupt 
- U Senior Staff Meeting  Interrupt 
- U Temporal Narcosis  Interrupt 
- C Thine Own Self  Interrupt 
- R Vorgon Raiders  Interrupt 
- C Vulcan Nerve Pinch  Interrupt 
- U Wolf  Interrupt 
- R Brute Force  Mission 
- R Compromised Mission  Mission 
- R Diplomatic Conference  Mission 
- R FGC-47 Research  Mission 
- R Fissure Research  Mission 
- U Qualor II Rendezvous  Mission 
- R Quash Conspiracy  Mission 
- R Reunion  Mission 
- R Risa Shore Leave  Mission 
- R Warped Space  Mission 
- R Beverly Picard  Personnel Federation
- R Ian Andrew Troi  Personnel Federation
- R Jack Crusher  Personnel Federation
- U Lt. (j.g.) Picard  Personnel Federation
- C Montgomery Scott  Personnel Federation
- U ♦ Paul Rice  Personnel Federation
- R Rachel Garrett  Personnel Federation
- U Richard Castillo  Personnel Federation
- R Tasha Yar - Alternate  Personnel Federation
- R Governor Worf  Personnel Klingon
- R K'mtar  Personnel Klingon
- C ♦ Targ  Personnel Klingon
- U Ajur  Personnel Non-Aligned
- R Berlingoff Rasmussen  Personnel Non-Aligned
- U Boratus  Personnel Non-Aligned
- R Dathon  Personnel Non-Aligned
- U Lakanta  Personnel Non-Aligned
- U Maques  Personnel Non-Aligned
- U Mickey D.  Personnel Non-Aligned
- R Commander Tomalak  Personnel Romulan
- U D'Tan  Personnel Romulan
- R Major Rakal  Personnel Romulan/Federation
- R Stefan DeSeve  Personnel Romulan/Federation
- R U.S.S. Enterprise-C  Ship Federation
- R I.K.C. Fek'lhr  Ship Klingon
- C I.K.C. K'Ratak  Ship Klingon
- R Edo Vessel  Ship Non-Aligned
- R Gomtuu  Ship Non-Aligned
- U Tama  Ship Non-Aligned
- R Decius  Ship Romulan

For more information on this set of cards, please check out my review of it at: Star Trek CCG Alternate Universe Set Review!

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