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Mint set of 143 cards from the Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Edition The Borg expansion, which focused on bringing the Borg and Hirogen from "Star Trek: Voyager" into Star Trek CCG gameplay!  Includes all 40 common, 40 uncommon, 62 rare, and 1 Ultra rare cards from the set along with a wrapper!  This is everything including the Ultra Rare and all dual-affiliations in one neat and easy package!  Mint and unplayed!


The complete list of cards is as follows:

1 R Ankari "Spirits" Dilemma

2 U Impressive Trophies Dilemma

3 U Invasive Procedures Dilemma

4 U Photonic Energy Being Dilemma

5 R Replicator Accident Dilemma

6 U Sabotaged Negotiations Dilemma

7 U The Clown: Beneath the Mask Dilemma

8 R The Clown: My Festival Dilemma

9 R The Weak Will Perish Dilemma

10 C Transwarp Network Gateway Doorway

11 U Borg Data Node Equipment

12 U Borg Nanoprobes Equipment

13 C Borg Vinculum Equipment

14 U Hirogen Disruptor Rifle Equipment

15 C Hirogen Talon Equipment

16 U Maturation Chamber Equipment

17 C Activate Subcommands Event

18 U Alas, Poor Drone Event

19 C Cranial Transceiver Implant Event

20 U Meditation Event

21 U Omega Particle Event

22 C Quantum Slipstream Drive Event

23 C ❖ Borg Outpost Facility Borg

24 R Unicomplex Facility Borg

25 C ❖ Hirogen Outpost Facility Hirogen

26 C Cortical Node Implant Incident

27 U Feedback Surge Incident

28 C Hirogen Hunt Incident

29 U Relics of the Chase Incident

30 C Rituals of the Hunt Incident

31 U Adapt: Modulate Shields Interrupt

32 C Adapt: Negate Obstruction Interrupt

33 C Awaken Interrupt

34 U Multivector Assault Mode Interrupt

35 U Narrow Escape Interrupt

36 U Corner Enemy Ship Mission

37 U Establish Settlement Mission

38 U Hunt Alien Mission

39 U Maintenance Overhaul Mission

40 U Repair Null Space Catapult Mission

41 C ❖ Secure Station Mission

42 C Assimilate Planet Objective

43 R Assimilate Species Objective

44 U Assimilate Starship Objective

45 U Eliminate Starship Objective

46 C Establish Gateway Objective

47 R Harness Particle 010 Objective

48 U Omega Directive Objective

49 U Reassimilate Lost Drone Objective

50 R Borg Queen Personnel Borg

51 C ❖ Eight of Eighteen Personnel Borg

52 C ❖ Eight of Fifteen Personnel Borg

53 C ❖ Eleven of Eighteen Personnel Borg

54 C ❖ Eleven of Twelve Personnel Borg

55 R Fifth Personnel Borg

56 R First Personnel Borg

57 R Four of Nine Personnel Borg

58 C ❖ Nine of Fifteen Personnel Borg

59 C ❖ Nine of Twelve Personnel Borg

60 R Second Personnel Borg

61 R Seven of Nine Personnel Borg

62 C ❖ Seventeen of Eighteen Personnel Borg

63 C ❖ Six of Twelve Personnel Borg

64 R Third and Fourth Personnel Borg

65 R Three of Nine Personnel Borg

66 R Two of Nine Personnel Borg

67 C ❖ Two of Twelve Personnel Borg

68 C ❖ Angelo Tassoni (Alt Image) Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned

69 R Deanna Troi Personnel Federation

70 R Equinox Doctor (Alt Image) Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned

71 C ❖ Hogan (Alt Image) Personnel Federation/Non-Aligned

72 UR Reginald Barclay Personnel Federation

73 R Gegis Personnel Ferengi

74 U Nunk Personnel Ferengi

75 U Yeggie Personnel Ferengi

76 C ❖ Davar Personnel Hirogen

77 R Decaren Personnel Hirogen

78 R Donik Personnel Hirogen

79 R Gann Personnel Hirogen

80 R Hajur (Alt Image) Personnel Hirogen/Non-Aligned

81 C ❖ Harkan Personnel Hirogen

82 R Idrin Personnel Hirogen

83 C ❖ Jetarn Personnel Hirogen

84 R Jorik Personnel Hirogen

85 R Karon Personnel Hirogen

86 R Karr Personnel Hirogen

87 C ❖ Konuric Personnel Hirogen

88 R Netek Personnel Hirogen

89 C ❖ Ranjen Personnel Hirogen

90 U ❖ Takirac Personnel Hirogen

91 U Turanj Personnel Hirogen

92 C ❖ Vurond Personnel Hirogen

93 U Lagren Personnel Kazon

94 R Surat Personnel Kazon

95 R ❖ Tanar Personnel Kazon

96 U Ch'Regha Personnel Klingon

97 C ❖ Kamok Personnel Klingon

98 R Kohlar Personnel Klingon

99 U Morak Personnel Klingon

100 U T'Greth Personnel Klingon

101 R B'Elanna Personnel Non-Aligned

102 R Captain Chakotay Personnel Non-Aligned

103 R Fennim Personnel Non-Aligned

104 R Icheb (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation

105 R Kes Personnel Non-Aligned

106 U Lansor Personnel Non-Aligned

107 U Mabus Personnel Non-Aligned

108 R Marika (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation

109 R Mezoti (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation

110 R One Personnel Non-Aligned

111 R Orum (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Romulan

112 U P'Chan Personnel Non-Aligned

113 R Rebi and Azan (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation

114 R Riley Frazier (Alt Image) Personnel Non-Aligned/Federation

115 R Sullin Personnel Non-Aligned

116 U The Artificial Intelligence Personnel Non-Aligned

117 C ❖ Thenelak Personnel Romulan

118 C ❖ Dilanum Personnel Vidiian

119 C ❖ Sinaren Personnel Vidiian

120 U ❖ Borg Cube Ship Borg

121 R ❖ Borg Probe Ship Borg

122 R Borg Queen's Ship Ship Borg

123 R ❖ Borg Tactical Cube Ship Borg

124 R U.S.S. Prometheus (Alt Image) Ship Federation/Romulan

125 C ❖ Hunting Vessel Ship Hirogen

126 R ❖ Venatic Hunter Ship Hirogen

127 U ❖ Kazon Fighter Ship Kazon

128 R I.K.C. Voq'leng Ship Klingon

129 R Liberty Ship Non-Aligned

130 R The Think Tank's Ship Ship Non-Aligned

131 R U.S.S. Dauntless (Alt Image) Ship Non-Aligned/Federation

For more information on this set of gaming cards, please read my review at: The Borg CCG Set Review!

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