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 Mint set of all 122 cards from the The Lord Of The Rings Trading Card Game Mines Of Moria set, which focused on the goblins and dwarves from "The Lord Of The Rings" and enhancing them for Lord Of The Rings TCG gameplay!  Includes all 40 common, 40 uncommon, 40 rare and 2 Starter Deck Premium cards.  Mint and unplayed!


This set includes on each of: 2R1 Beneath the Mountains Condition Dwarven 2C2 Disquiet of Our People Event Dwarven 2U3 Dwarven Bracers Possession • Bracers Dwarven 2U4 Endurance of Dwarves Condition Dwarven 2C5 Flurry of Blows Event Dwarven 2C6 •Fror, Gimli's Kinsman Companion • Dwarf Dwarven 2R7 •Gloin, Friend to Thorin Companion • Dwarf Dwarven 2U8 Golden Light on the Land Condition Dwarven 2C9 Great Works Begun There Condition Dwarven 2C10 Hand Axe Possession • Hand Weapon Dwarven 2R11 Make Light of Burdens Condition Dwarven 2R12 •Realm of Dwarrowdelf Condition Dwarven 2U13 Tidings of Erebor Event Dwarven 2C14 Till Durin Wakes Again Condition Dwarven 2R15 What Are We Waiting For? Event Dwarven 2U16 A Blended Race Condition Elven 2U17 Dismay Our Enemies Event Elven 2U18 Hosts of the Last Alliance Condition Elven 2R19 Release the Angry Flood Event Elven 2R20 Secret Sentinels Event Elven 2C21 •Erland, Advisor to Brand Ally • Home 3 • Man Gandalf 2R22 •Gandalf's Staff Artifact Gandalf 2C23 Gandalf's Wisdom Condition Gandalf 2C24 •Hugin, Emissary from Laketown Ally • Home 3 • Man Gandalf 2R25 •Jarnsmid, Merchant from Dale Ally • Home 3 • Man Gandalf 2C26 Speak “Friend” and Enter Event Gandalf 2R27 Staff Asunder Event Gandalf 2U28 Wielder of the Flame Event Gandalf 2C29 Wizard Staff Possession • Staff Gandalf 2U30 You Cannot Pass! Event Gandalf 2U31 Blood of Numenor Condition Gondor 2R32 Flaming Brand Possession • Hand Weapon Gondor 2U33 Flee in Terror Event Gondor 2U34 Gondor Will See It Done Event Gondor 2C35 Natural Cover Condition Gondor 2R36 No Mere Ranger Event Gondor 2C37 Sentinels of Numenor Event Gondor 2R38 •Shield of Boromir Possession • Shield Gondor 2R39 Beyond the Height of Men Event Isengard 2C40 Demands of the Sackville-Bagginses Condition Isengard 2U41 Evil Afoot Event Isengard 2C42 Goblin Man Minion • Orc Isengard 2R43 •Lurtz's Sword Possession • Hand Weapon Isengard 2C44 No Business of Ours Condition Isengard 2R45 Too Much Attention Event Isengard 2R46 •Uruk Captain Minion • Uruk-Hai Isengard 2C47 Uruk Scout Minion • Uruk-Hai Isengard 2U48 Wizard Storm Condition Isengard 2R49 •Archer Commander Minion • Orc Moria 2R50 •The Balrog's Sword Artifact Moria 2C51 •The Balrog, Durin's Bane Minion • Balrog Moria 2R52 •The Balrog, Flame of Udun Minion • Balrog Moria 2R52T •The Balrog, Flame of Udun (T) Minion • Balrog Moria 2R53 •Cave Troll's Chain Possession Moria 2U54 Dark Fire Condition Moria 2C55 Dark Places Condition Moria 2U56 Fill With Fear Condition Moria 2R57 Final Cry Event Moria 2C58 Foul Tentacle Minion • Creature Moria 2U59 Foul Things Event Moria 2C60 Goblin Bowman Minion • Orc Moria 2C61 Goblin Flankers Minion • Orc Moria 2C62 Goblin Pursuer Minion • Orc Moria 2C63 Goblin Reinforcements Minion • Orc Moria 2C64 Goblin Scrabbler Minion • Orc Moria 2C65 Goblin Spearman Minion • Orc Moria 2R66 Huge Tentacle Minion • Creature Moria 2U67 Moria Archer Troop Minion • Orc Moria 2U68 Must Do Without Hope Event Moria 2C69 Old Differences Event Moria 2U70 Power and Terror Event Moria 2U71 Throw Yourself in Next Time Condition Moria 2U72 Troubled Mountains Event Moria 2R73 •Watcher in the Water, Keeper of Westgate Minion • Creature Moria 2R74 •Whip of Many Thongs Artifact Moria 2R75 •Bill Ferny, Swarthy Sneering Fellow Minion • Man Wraith 2U76 Helpless Condition Wraith 2R77 His Terrible Servants Condition Wraith 2U78 It Wants to be Found Event Wraith 2U79 Resistance Becomes Unbearable Event Wraith 2R80 Stricken Dumb Event Wraith 2U81 They Will Find the Ring Event Wraith 2U82 •Ulaire Attea, The Easterling Minion • Nazgul Wraith 2U83 •Ulaire Enquea, Ringwraith in Twilight Minion • Nazgul Wraith 2R84 •Ulaire Nelya, Ringwraith in Twilight Minion • Nazgul Wraith 2R85 •The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgul Minion • Nazgul Wraith 2R86 Wraith-world Event Wraith 2U87 The Eye of Sauron Event Sauron 2C88 Memory of Many Things Event Sauron 2C89 Orc Scout Minion • Orc Sauron 2C90 Orc Taskmaster Minion • Orc Sauron 2C91 Southern Spies Event Sauron 2U92 Spies of Mordor Condition Sauron 2R93 •Tower Assassin Minion • Orc Sauron 2R94 Verily I Come Condition Sauron 2C95 Vile Blade Possession • Hand Weapon Sauron 2U96 •Bilbo, Well-spoken Gentlehobbit Ally • Home 1 • Hobbit Shire 2R97 Consorting With Wizards Condition Shire 2U98 Dear Friends Event Shire 2C99 Deft in Their Movements Event Shire 2R100 Fearing the Worst Condition Shire 2C101 •Filibert Bolger, Wily Rascal Ally • Home 1 • Hobbit Shire 2C102 •Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer Companion • Hobbit Shire 2C102T •Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer (T) Companion • Hobbit Shire 2U103 Hobbit Sword-play Event Shire 2C104 •Merry, Horticulturalist Companion • Hobbit Shire 2R105 •Mithril-coat Artifact Shire 2R105T •Mithril-coat (T) Artifact • Armor Shire 2U106 Nice Imitation Condition Shire 2U107 Not Feared in Sunlight Condition Shire 2R108 •O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! Condition Shire 2R109 Orc-bane Event Shire 2C110 •Pippin, Mr. Took Companion • Hobbit Shire 2U111 Practically Everyone Was Invited Event Shire 2R112 A Promise Condition Shire 2R113 •Red Book of Westmarch Possession Shire 2C114 •Sam, Proper Poet Companion • Hobbit Shire 2U115 Hobbiton Party Field Site Site 2U116 Hobbiton Woods Site Site 2C117 Town Center Site Site 2U118 Great Chasm Site Site 2C119 Hollin Site Site 2U120 Valley of the Silverlode Site Site 2P121 •Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-race Companion • Dwarf Dwarven 2P122 •Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim Companion • Wizard Gandalf



For more information on the set of gaming cards that this set is associated with, please read my review of the set at: !





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