Holodeck Adventures CCG MASTER Set Of 141 Cards!

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Mint set of all 46 common, 40 uncommon, 20 rare, 34 rare plus, and 1 ultra rare cards from the Star Trek Customizable Card Game First Edition Holodeck Adventures set, which focused on the virtual characters in the "Star Trek" universe!  Includes all dual-affiliation cards.  Mint and unplayed!




This set includes one card each of:

1 R The City of B'hala Artifact

2 C Alice Dilemma

3 C Chula: Echoes Dilemma

4 U Chula: Trickery Dilemma

5 U Cytoplasmic Life-form Dilemma

6 C Dejaren Dilemma

7 U Emergent Life-form Dilemma

8 C Primitive Humanoids Dilemma

9 U Talosian Cage Dilemma

10 U The Clown: Guillotine Dilemma

11 R The Clown: Playing Doctor Dilemma

12 R Your Galaxy Is Impure Dilemma

13 U Holodeck Door Doorway

14 C '45 Dom Perignon Equipment

15 C Ablative Armor Equipment

16 U Satan's Robot Equipment

17 U Bynars Data Transfer Event

18 C Dominion War Efforts Event

19 R Ferengi Financial Data Net Event

20 U Holo-Projectors Event

21 C Oo-mox Event

22 R Transwarp Hub Facility Borg 23 C Children of Light Incident 24 R Clone Machine Incident 25 C Cybernetics Expertise Incident 26 C Holoprogram: 221B Baker Street Incident 27 C Holoprogram: Deadwood Incident 28 C Holoprogram: Noah's Mountain Retreat Incident 29 C Holoprogram: The Fortress of Doom Incident 30 C Holoprogram: The Office of Dixon Hill Incident 31 C In the Zone Incident 32 C Jem'Hadar Shrouding Incident 33 R Tongo Incident 34 C White Deprivation Incident 35 U All Threes Interrupt 36 U Data, Keep Dealing Interrupt 37 C I'm a Doctor, Not a Bartender Interrupt 38 U I've Been Waiting for You Interrupt 39 C Remember the Alamo Interrupt 40 C Small Oversight Interrupt 41 U Establish Home Planet Mission 42 C Mine Gallicite Mission 43 U Repair Memorial Mission 44 U Seal Rift Mission 45 U Study Protonebula Mission 46 C Transport Colonists Mission 47 U Bajoran Resistance Cell Objective 48 C Hunting Group Objective 49 R Orbital Bombardment Objective 50 U Els Renora Personnel Bajoran 51 R+ Iden (Alt Image) Personnel Bajoran/Hirogen 52 R Teero Anaydis Personnel Bajoran 53 R+ Crell Moset Personnel Cardassian 54 C Doran (Alt Image) Personnel Cardassian/Hirogen 55 U Ekoor Personnel Cardassian 56 C Harath (Alt Image) Personnel Cardassian/Hirogen 57 R+ Kejal (Alt Image) Personnel Cardassian/Hirogen 58 U Mila Personnel Cardassian 59 U Rusot Personnel Cardassian 60 U Seskal Personnel Cardassian 61 C Vornar Personnel Cardassian 62 C Dar (Alt Image) Personnel Dominion/Hirogen 63 C Wodek'idan (Alt Image) Personnel Dominion/Hirogen 64 R+ Admiral J.P. Hanson Personnel Federation 65 R+ Boothby Personnel Federation 66 U E.M.H.-Mark II Personnel Federation 67 R+ Edward Jellico Personnel Federation 68 R+ Ezri Dax Personnel Federation 69 R+ Lewis Zimmerman Personnel Federation 70 U Naomi Wildman Personnel Federation 71 C Sam Lavelle Personnel Federation 72 C Sumek (Alt Image) Personnel Federation/Hirogen 73 R+ The E.C.H. Personnel Federation 74 R+ Weiss (Alt Image) Personnel Federation/Hirogen 75 U Rulat Personnel Kazon 76 R+ B'Elanna Daughter of Miral Personnel Klingon 77 R+ Chancellor Gowron Personnel Klingon 78 C Kar'meth Personnel Klingon 79 U Nirok Personnel Klingon 80 R Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel Personnel Non-Aligned 81 R+ Anastasia Komananov Personnel Non-Aligned 82 R+ Arachnia Personnel Non-Aligned 83 R Barash Personnel Non-Aligned 84 R Buster Kincaid Personnel Non-Aligned 85 R+ Captain Proton Personnel Non-Aligned 86 R Carlos Personnel Non-Aligned 87 R Chaotica Personnel Non-Aligned 88 C Cravic Unit 122 Personnel Non-Aligned 89 U Cyrus Redblock Personnel Non-Aligned 90 U Deputy Rozhenko Personnel Non-Aligned 91 UR Dixon Hill Personnel Non-Aligned 92 R+ Dr. Noah Personnel Non-Aligned 93 R+ Duchamps Personnel Non-Aligned 94 R+ Durango Personnel Non-Aligned 95 U Eli Hollander Personnel Non-Aligned 96 R+ Falcon Personnel Non-Aligned 97 U Felix Leech Personnel Non-Aligned 98 R+ Frank Hollander Personnel Non-Aligned 99 R+ John Watson Personnel Non-Aligned 100 R Leonardo da Vinci Personnel Non-Aligned 101 R Lily Personnel Non-Aligned 102 U Lonzak Personnel Non-Aligned 103 U Madam Pulaski Personnel Non-Aligned 104 R Minuet Personnel Non-Aligned 105 R Mona Luvsitt Personnel Non-Aligned 106 R+ Mr. Garak Personnel Non-Aligned 107 U Nicki the Nose Personnel Non-Aligned 108 U Pralor Unit 3947 Personnel Non-Aligned 109 C Pralor Unit 6263 Personnel Non-Aligned 110 R+ Professor Honey Bare Personnel Non-Aligned 111 R+ Professor Moriarty Personnel Non-Aligned 112 U Regina Barthalomew Personnel Non-Aligned 113 R+ Secret Agent Julian Bashir Personnel Non-Aligned 114 R+ Sheriff Worf Personnel Non-Aligned 115 R+ Sherlock Holmes Personnel Non-Aligned 116 R Sigmund Freud Personnel Non-Aligned 117 R The President of Earth Personnel Non-Aligned 118 U The Twin Mistresses of Evil Personnel Non-Aligned 119 R+ Vic Fontaine Personnel Non-Aligned 120 C Garren (Alt Image) Personnel Romulan/Hirogen 121 R+ Praetor Neral Personnel Romulan 122 C Maleth Personnel Vidiian 123 C Ar-Q-ologist Q Dilemma 124 C Q's Fantasy Women Q Event 125 C Quandary Q Interrupt 126 U Trullux Ship Ferengi 127 U Baxial Ship Non-Aligned 128 U Cravic Warship Ship Non-Aligned 129 R+ Olarra (Alt Image) Ship Non-Aligned/Hirogen 130 U Pralor Warship Ship Non-Aligned 131 C Holosuite Site


For more information on this set of gaming cards, please read my review at: Star Trek CCG Holodeck Adventures CCG Set Review!

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