Star Wars Jedi Legacy Influences Card Set Of 18 Cards!

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This is the complete 18 card Influences set of Star Wars Jedi Legacy trading cards produced by Topps, Inc!  Mint!  The cards in this set were found about one in every other pack!

The set includes cards:

 I-1 Qui-Gon Jinn
I-2 Shmi Skywalker
I-3 Mace Windu
I-4 Ahsoka Tano
I-5 Watto
I-6 Jar Jar Binks
I-7 Grand Moff Tarkin
I-8 Luke Skywalker
I-9 Count Dooku
I-10 Biggs Darklighter
I-11 Han Solo
I-12 Wedge Antilles
I-13 Beru Lars
I-14 Lando Calrissian
I-15 Chewbacca
I-16 Tosche Station
I-17 Anakin Skywalker
I-18 Dagobah

 photo swjlinfluencesset1_zpsvesrgja2.jpg  photo swjlinfluencesset2_zpsnzyx3epu.jpg

For more information on this set of trading cards, please read my review at:Star Wars Jedi Legacy Set Review!

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