Rogue One Mission Briefing Death Star Card Set Of 9 Cards!

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This is the complete 9 card Death Star set of Rogue One Mission Briefing trading cards produced by Topps, Inc!  Mint!  Cards in this chase set were found one in every four packs (eight per box), so it took at least two boxes to complete a single set of these cards, which focuses on the major parts of (mostly locations within the) Death Star.


The set includes cards:

1 Of 9 - Imperial Conference Room

2 Of 9 - Docking Bay 327

3 Of 9 - Tractor Beam Controls

4 Of 9 - Superlaser

5 Of 9 - Detention Block AA-23

6 Of 9 - Trash Compactor 3263827

7 Of 9 - Turbolaser Cannons

8 Of 9 - Meridian Trench

9 Of 9 - Thermal Exhaust Port

 photo rombdsset_zpsmg6xwcmn.jpg


For more information on this set of trading cards, please read my review at: Rogue One Mission Briefing Set Review!


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