Deep Space Nine Heroes & Villains Aliens Of Star Trek Deep Space Nine Card Set - 9 Card Set!

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This is the 9 card set of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Heroes & Villains Aliens Of Star Trek Deep Space Nine trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives!  The foil card set continues the awesome Aliens Of Star Trek format from earlier sets with Deep Space Nine subjects!

Set includes cards:

A1 Arbazan/Argrathi/Bajoran/Benzite/Betazoid/Bolian

A2 Boslic/Breen/Cardassian/Changeling/Dosi/El-Aurian

A3 Elaysian/Ennis/Ferengi/Finnean/Flaxian/Halanan

A4 Hunter/Hupyrian/Idanian/Jem'Hadar/Karemma/Kellerun

A5 Klaestron/Klingon/Kobheerian/Kobliad/Kressari/Lethean

A6 Lissepians/Lurian/Markalian/Miradorn/Nausicaan/Nol-Ennis

A7 Pah-wraith/Pakled/Palamarian/Paradan/Prophet/Rakhari

A8 Risian/Romulan/Skrreea/Teplan/T'Lani/Tosk

A9 Trill/Vorta/Vulcan/Wadi/Yaderan/Yridian


For more information on this set of trading cards, please read my review at: DS9 Heroes & Villains Trading Card Set!


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