Adversaries Anthology Sealed Pack Of 20 Foil Cards!

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This is the Adversaries Anthology sealed pack of 20 foil cards.  This was part of a boxed set with two new, exclusive foils and eighteen reprinted foil cards from earlier releases!


This sealed pack includes:


 0 AP 3 •Borg Queen, The One Who Is Many Personnel Borg  
0 AP 4 •Shinzon, Reman Leader Personnel Romulan  

Dilemma ↑  Assassination Attempt  Rare  1R7 
Dilemma ↑  Nanite Attack  Rare  1R39 
Event ↑  How Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?  Rare  1R90 
Interrupt ↑  Amanda Rogers  Rare  1R121 
Interrupt ↑  Kevin Uxbridge  Rare  1R129 
Personnel - Bajoran ↑  Winn Adami, Kai of Bajor  Uncommon  1U228 
Personnel - Cardassian ↑  Ocett, Dogged Rival  Rare  1R248 
Personnel - Dominion ↑  Borath, Psychological Researcher  Rare  3R151 
Personnel - Federation ↑  Luther Sloan, Man of Secrets  Rare  1R275 
Personnel - Federation ↑  Thomas Riker, Defiant Leader  Rare  2R131 
Personnel - Klingon ↑  Nu'Daq, Tenacious Rival  Rare  1R314 
Personnel - Non-Aligned ↑  The Albino, Killer of Children  Rare  1R348 
Personnel - Romulan ↑  The Viceroy, Shinzon's Protector  Rare  1R376 
Ship - Borg ↑  Queen's Borg Cube  Premium  0P16 
Ship - Cardassian ↑  Bralek  Rare  1R383 
Ship - Federation ↑  USS Defiant, Stolen Warship  Rare  3R205 
Ship - Klingon ↑  IKS Maht-H'a  Rare  1R401 
Ship - Romulan ↑  Scimitar, Predator  Rare  1R413 


Image does not do justice to this foil card!

For more information on this set of gaming cards, please read my review of the set at: !




IMPORTANT NOTE: This listing is for the exclusive foil set, not an unopened box!  This is JUST the exclusive set for these cards!


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