Art & Images Of Star Trek Expanded Universe Card Set - 39 Card Chase Set!

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This is the complete 39 card Expanded Universe set of Art & Images Of "Star Trek" trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives!  The set includes characters who were not in "Star Trek" The Animated Series presented as animated characters!  This is a very cool concept set that has kept fans of "Star Trek: The Animated Series" very happy!


These cards were one in every 8 packs, so it took about a case to complete this set of cards!


This set includes the cards:



AE01   Adam
AE02   Akuta
AE03   Andrea
AE04   Apollo
AE05   Balok's Puppet
AE06   Captain Pike
AE07   Captain Pike (crippled)
AE08   Charlie Evans
AE09   Chekov
AE10   Commissioner Bele
AE11   Edith Keeler
AE12   Elaan of Troyius
AE13   Galt
AE14   Gary Mitchell
AE15   Gem
AE16   Kang
AE17   Khan
AE18   Lal
AE19   Lazarus
AE20   Losira
AE21   Maab
AE22   Marta
AE23   Mirror Kirk
AE24   Mirror Marlena
AE25   Mirror Spock
AE26   Mirror Sulu
AE27   Natira
AE28   Ruk
AE29   Shahna
AE30   Subcommander Tal
AE31   Sylvia
AE32   The Gorn
AE33   The Keeper
AE34   The Mugato
AE35   T'Pring
AE36   Trelane
AE37   Vina
AE38   Yeoman Colt
AE39   Yeoman Rand

For more information on the set of trading cards that this set is associated with, please read my review of the set at: !


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