Star Trek Nemesis Technology Card Set - 8 Cards!

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This is the Star Trek Nemesis Technology card set of 8 cards from the "Star Trek: Nemesis" trading cards produced by Rittenhouse Archives!  Mint!  These cards feature Federation and Romulan technology aspects featured in "Star Trek: Nemesis!"  These cards were one in every eight packs, so this set took at least two boxes to complete!

This set features the chase cards:

T1   Star Trek Technology - U.S.S. Enterprise-E
T2   Star Trek Technology - The Argo
T3   Star Trek Technology - 24th Century 4X4 (the Argo)
T4   Star Trek Technology - B-4
T5   Star Trek Technology - Scimitar
T6   Star Trek Technology - Cloning
T7   Star Trek Technology - Romulan Warbird (new model!)
T8   Star Trek Technology - Scorpion Attack Flier

For more information on the set of trading cards that this set is associated with, please read my review at: Star Trek: Nemesis Trading Card Set Review!

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