W.L. Reviews The Skin And Bath Universe


††††††††††† In my blog, Iíll have some current and classic reviews of bath, lip and skin products!Want to try something new?See how it worked for me first!Hereís a list of lip care, bath products and skin care products Iíve reviewed!Enjoy!



B-Passionate Body Wash


Bath & Body Works

Mango Margarita Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

Calypso Berry Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Soap

Bourbon Street Buttercream Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Candy Cane Bliss Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Cranberry Harvest Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Creamy Pumpkin Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Crisp Apples Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Dazzling Diamond Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Eucalyptus Mint Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Fresh Balsam Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Fresh Lavender Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Fresh Picked Strawberries Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Fresh Sparkling Snow Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Lemon Meringue Cheer Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Midnight Pomegranate Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Peach Pecan Cupcake Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Pink Champagne Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Plumeria Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Pumpkin Cupcake Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Scary Cat Black Cherry Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Simply Rain Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Sparkling Limoncello Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Vanilla Berry Sorbet Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Warm Apple Cider Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Winter Candy Apple Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Winter Spice & Vanilla Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Zippy Fruit Punch Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

Orange Sapphire Triple Moisture Body Cream

Cashmere Silk Body Lotion

Charmed Life Body Lotion

Moonlight Magic Body Lotion

White Tea And Ginger Body Splash

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body vitamin body wash

Night-Blooming Jasmine Body Wash

Charmed Life Signature Collection Shower Gel

Christmas Tree Figural Soap Dispenser

Polar Bear Figural Soap Dispenser

Pumpkin Figural Soap Dispenser

Snowman Figural Soap Dispenser

Twisted Pumpkin Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

Temptations Frosting Forever 3-in-1

Temptations Orange Freeze 3-in-1

Temptations Sassy Strawberry Mint 3-in-1

True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream

True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream


The Body Shop

Chocomania Body Butter

Papaya Body Butter

Passion Fruit Body Butter

Pink Grapefruit Body Butter

Smooth & Renew Loofah Mitt

Strawberry Body Butter



Burtís Bees

Hand Salve

Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

Res-Q Ointment



Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap

Lavender & Twilight Jasmine Body Wash

Mountain Fresh Body Wash



Mandarin & Tiare Flower Body Wash

Dove Nourishing Hand Wash

Rebalance Plum & Sakura Blossom Body Mist



Dr. Schollís

Smooth My Sole



Freeman Feeling Beautiful

Mint & Lemon Facial Clay Mask



Gillette Treo Disposable Razor


The Healing Garden

Jasminetherapy Body Spray


Kiss My Face

Woodland Pine & Ginseng Anti-Stress Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel



Palm Massager


Montagne Jeunesse

Moisturizing Chocolate Masque



Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash


Old Spice

Denali Body Wash

Timber With Mint Body Wash



Edible Aphrodisiac Warming Massage Oil Ė Cheesecake flavor


Proctor & Gamble

Ivory Clean & Simple Lavender Body Wash



Bath And Shower Shea & Cocoa Butter Body Wash


Soft Soap

Body Butter Coconut Scrub Body Buff Wash

Liquid Hand Soap


St. Ives

Energizing Citrus Body Wash

Gentle Apricot Scrub

Moisturizing Cucumber Melon Body Wash

Purifying Sea Salt Body Wash

Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash

Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub



Limited Edition Candy Apple Refreshing Body Wash

Limited Edition Holiday Pear Refreshing Body Wash

Limited Edition Peppermint Bliss Shimmer Body Wash

Seasonable Sweet Guava Nectar Body Wash

Seasonals Homemade Almond Cookie Body Wash


Wavetree & London Australia

Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Natural Plant Oil Soap



Pina Colada flavored personal lubricant


White Rain

Ocean Mist Body Wash


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