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        Want to get away from your computer?!  I totally recommend that!  And when venturing out into the world, it helps to have a great place to go to enjoy life.  And when you're out there, it's nice to have a decent place to stay that is affordable!

        That's why I started reviewing hotels and travel destinations!

        Before you check out the reviews, I heartily recommend understanding how I review travel spots and hotels.  While all of these reviews are in my blog, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe, as is my overall standard  - My Reviewing Philosophy - I figured I'd take a moment to run through my criteria for how I review hotels.

        All products I review to are evaluated on a ten point scale where 0 (zero) is not worth the stop through 10 (perfection, everyone should go there!).  I start at zero and places work their way up to ten.  What are the criteria I grade on?  Hotels have pretty strong criteria, though destinations are a little more nebulous than some of my other reviews, but what I tend to look for is:

Location - Is the hotel easy to get to?

Cleanliness - Is the hotel clean?

Ammenities - Does the hotel offer a free breakfast?  Is it any good?  Are there other perks for staying?

Cost - Is the price reasonable?  Do you get your money's worth at the hotel?

        With those high standards, go forth and check out some of the places I have stayed and destinations I have visited! Enjoy!