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The Writings Of W.L. Swarts
        Oh my gosh, this page is hideous.  And so out of date.

        Okay, here's the update.  We're focusing now on getting our writing in front of actual readers who enjoy reading and enjoy our writing.  To wit, we're not chasing publishers any longer, we have our own publishing company!  It is called Enlighten Someone Daily Productions and it has a full website of its own, which we are working desperately to upgrade.  We're kind of shocked we never upgraded this site after we published Living In The Wakes.

        Our first two novels, which were published through Xlibris, remain available both through Xlibris and W.L. Swarts Enterprises.  We'll probably make a few additions to this site to make those two books more available, as we remain largely proud of them.

        But currently, our focus is on Enlighten Someone Daily to distribute both our free short stories, our newly published books and our new short story monthly service!

        We'll circle back to this site to update again sometime!