The Multiverse of
W.L. Swarts

A look inside the mind of the artist
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        So, it seems like fifteen years ago, I had some real ambitious plans for this site. Then life and business got in the way. One of the things that fell by the wayside was regular updates to this website.  Right now, I'm working to make this a better and more relevant hub while I put more ducks in a row for the new business-end of my writing.

As such, a lot of the art and writing links will redirect you to Enlighten Someone Daily Productions.  Enlighten Someone Daily Productions is my company for publishing my writing and distributing my art, so as we build that up, it will be more maintained and active for a while.

        W.L. Swarts is a novelist residing in Upstate New York where the trees grow tall, the lakes that claim to be green truly are and hermits can actually achieve their goal of avoiding other people!  This page features the art and ideas of W.L. Swarts and from here, you may learn about:

"My Soul After She Left" - Oil on Canvas with bolts and staples.
                        (First In Series - 18 X 24 - $3000.)
                                c. 2007 W.L. Swarts