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        W.L. Swarts, the person.  That is me, the person typing this page up right now, not the voice in your head saying anything or sounding more like you than me.  I'm here on the end of a slow connection writing in a "what you see is what you get" webpage design program and it's a bear for me, hence the feeling of forever between the updates in this website!

        W.L. Swarts is a novelist residing in Upstate New York where the trees grow tall, the lakes that claim to be green truly are and liberals keep their head down on the first day of hunting season!  This page features the art and ideas of W.L. Swarts and from here, you may learn about:

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"My Soul After She Left" - Oil on Canvas with bolts and staples.
                        (First In Series - 18 X 24 - $3000.)
                                c. 2007 W.L. Swarts
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