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        I have a pretty solid love for trading cards.  I spent a lot of time building a pretty incredible collection of trading cards before the economy turned and I had to sell off most of my collection.  But, in addition to still maintaining a small business in trading and gaming cards, it put me in a position to review each set I owned and comment on them!

        Before you check out the reviews, I heartily recommend understanding how I review in general.  While all of the card reviews are in my blog, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe, as is my overall standard  - My Reviewing Philosophy - I figured I'd take a moment to run through my criteria for how I review trading and gaming cards.

        All trading card sets I encounter are evaluated on a ten point scale where 0 (zero) is absolutely abominable through 10 (perfection, every fan should buy it!).  I start at zero and trading card sets work their way up to ten.  What are the criteria I grade on?  Here are the standards:

3 points - Subject - Is the common card set interesting, well-assembled, of a subject matter worth collecting?

3 points - Chase Card Quality - Are there enough chase cards to make the boxes worth hunting down?  Is there value in the chase cards?  Are the chase cards too rare to inhibit collectors?

3 points - Collectibility - Is there good balance to the set?  Is the set necessary in the larger pantheon of collecting?  Is the set retaining its value?

1 point - General Quality - Is the cardstock going to hold up over the years?  Were there defects in manufacturing?

        Okay, honestly the trading card standards are a little less strict than some of my other reviewing categories, but it's still good to have guidelines!  As for gaming cards, for the specific guidelines that gaming cards are judged on, check out the link below!

Star Trek Beyond Anniversary Trading Cards

Star Trek Genesis Collection CCG

        To find my trading and gaming card reviews easily, check out any of the pages below: