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        I took a long time to warm up to gaming cards.  But, when trading cards became exceptionally difficult to reasonably collect, gaming cards provided a pretty cool option.  And it can be a more social collection than trading cards!  So, I began collecting and selling gaming cards and that made me an ideal reviewer for them!

        Before you check out the reviews, I heartily recommend understanding how I review in general.  While all of the gaming card reviews are in my blog, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe, as is my overall standard  - My Reviewing Philosophy - I figured I'd take a moment to run through my criteria for how I review gaming cards.

        All gaming card sets I encounter are evaluated on a ten point scale where 0 (zero) is absolutely abominable through 10 (perfection, every fan should play it!).  I start at zero and gaming card sets work their way up to ten.  What are the criteria I grade on?  Here are the standards:

3 points - Theme/Images - Is the card set interesting, well-assembled, of a subject matter worth collecting?

3 points - Playability - Does the game make sense?  Is it easy to play?  Are the rules reasonable and easy to follow?  Does the play allow for creativity?

3 points - Set Cohesion - Is there good balance to the set?  Is the set necessary in the larger pantheon of the game?

1 point - Collectibility - Is the value of the set going to hold up over the years?  Were there any rares that were disproportionately rare?

        My gaming card standards are a little less strict than some of my other reviewing categories, but it's still good to have guidelines! 

Star Trek In A Mirror, Darkly CCG

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