W.L. Reviews The Cheese And Meat Universe


            I love cheese!  In fact, in general, the more cheese the better in my book!  Here are reviews of lots of different cheeses I have reviewed, organized by manufacturer name.  I’ve also started reviewing meat snacks and those reviews will be on this page as well!  Keep checking back as this is a category that I am only just starting to review prolifically in!

            Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Extra Sharp Provolone




Extra Sharp Cheddar

Smoky Bacon Cheddar



Zesty Marinated Mozzarella Braid



Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps


Denmark’s Finest

Havarti Dill



Duke’s House Of Meats

Stubb's Spicy Bar-B-Q Beef Brisket Strips



Cave Aged Kaltbach Le Gruyere




Hard Salami Stix

Turkey Pepperoni Stix




Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar cheese slices


New Bridge

Mediterranean Cheddar


North Country Cheese

Garlic Dill Cheese Curds



Cocktail Pep Smoked Sausage Sticks



Havarti with Dill


Pecos Bill’s

Terayaki Beef Jerky



Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago

Black Pepper BellaVitano

Chai BellaVitano

Citrus Ginger BellaVitano

Espresso BellaVitano

Merlot BellaVitano

Peppermint BellaVitano – Limited Edition

Extra-Aged Fontina


Wild Bill’s

Bacon Jerky


Williams Cheese

Smoked Cheddar


Yancey’s Fancy

Bacon Ranch Cheddar

Buffalo Wing Cheddar

Champagne Aged Cheddar Cheese


Chive Cheddar Cheese Curds

Ghost Pepper Cheddar

Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger Cheddar

Horseradish Cheddar

Horseradish with Smoked Bacon Cheddar

New York Sharp Cheddar

NY Maple Cheddar

Peppadew Cheddar

Pepperoni Cheddar

Roasted Garlic Cheddar Cheese Curds

Smoked Gouda

Smoked Gouda with Bacon

Strawberry Chardonnay Cheddar

Steakhouse Onion Cheddar

Wasabi Horseradish Cheddar

XXX Sharp Cheddar



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