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Want to send me something to eat for review?  Feel free!  If you do, drop me an e-mail by clicking HERE and then deleting the word "not" from the e-mail address that comes up!  I love trying and reviewing new foods!


-W.L. Swarts
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        I don't know about you, but I LOVE to eat!

        I love food and I love restaurants and now, I have built quite the cache of food and drink reviews.

        Before you check out the reviews, I heartily recommend understanding how I review food products.  While all of these reviews are in my blog, W.L. Swarts Reviews The Universe, as is my overall standard  - My Reviewing Philosophy - I figured I'd take a moment to run through my criteria for how I review food.

        All products I review to are evaluated on a ten point scale where 0 (zero) is something I am sorry I ate through 10 (perfection, I'd stockpile this for my bomb shelter to live off after the apocalypse!).  I start at zero and products work their way up to ten.  What are the criteria I grade on?  Food products are a little more nebulous than some of my other reviews, but what I tend to look for is:

Taste - Does the product taste good?  Does the product taste like what it claims to?

Ease Of Use - Is the product easy-to-prepare?

Nutrition - Are the ingredients good?  Is there any nutritional value to the food/beverage?

Cost/Value - Is the price reasonable?  Is the packaging environmentally responsible?

        With those high standards, go forth and check out some wonderful foods and great places to eat!  Enjoy!

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