W.L. Reviews The Star Trek Customizable Card Game Universe!


For years, I was an avid gaming card collector.One of the franchises that pioneered the way in CCGs was the Star Trek CCG, which I resisted getting into until the trading card market pretty much tanked.The sets from Decipher are long-since out of print, but they are still very popular in the secondary market (including in my online store here!).Check out which ones are most worthwhile in these reviews!These are organized by set in release order. Also included are the ill-fated Fleer sets!Enjoy!



First Edition


††††††††††† Warp Pack

Alternate Universe

††††††††††† Introductory Two-Player Game

Q Continuum

††††††††††† First Anthology

First Contact

The Fajo Collection

††††††††††† Offical Tournament Sealed Deck

††††††††††† Warp Pack

Deep Space Nine

††††††††††† Starter Deck II

††††††††††† Enhanced First Contact

The Dominion

††††††††††† Second Anthology

Blaze Of Glory

Rules Of Acquisition

The Trouble With Tribbles

††††††††††† Enhanced Premiere


Mirror, Mirror


The Borg

Holodeck Adventures

The Motion Pictures

All Good Things

Enterprise Collection


Second Edition



Call To Arms

Necessary Evil

Fractured Time

Reflections 2.0

Adversaries Anthology

Strange New Worlds

To Boldly Go

Dangerous Missions

Captainís Log


These Are The Voyages

In A Mirror, Darkly

What You Leave Behind



Star Trek: The Card Game

StarFleet Maneuvers


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