W.L. Reviews The Star Wars Customizable Card Game Universe!


For years, I was an avid gaming card collector.  One of the franchises that pioneered the way in CCGs and had one of the coolest collections was the Star Wars CCG!  The sets from Decipher are long-since out of print, but they are still very popular in the secondary market (including in my online store here!).  Check out which ones are most worthwhile in these reviews!  These are organized by set in release order.


Star Wars Premiere

A New Hope



Cloud City

Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Special Edition

Jabba’s Palace


Death Star II


Enhanced Premiere


Enhanced Cloud City

Enhanced Jabba’s Palace

Reflections II: Expanding The Universe


Reflections III

Theed Palace


Jedi Knights

Jedi Knights Premiere

Scum And Villainy


Young Jedi

The Menace Of Darth Maul

The Jedi Council

Battle Of Naboo

Duel Of The Fates

Enhanced Menace Of Darth Maul

Boonta Eve Podrace



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